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  • July 2018 Regional Results

    LPGA Amateur Championship Northern California qualifier was held at Rancho Solano July 21. Our chapter was well represented at the competition.
    • Championship Flight: Alicia Sinclair First Low Net
    • First Flight: Angie Um Third Low Net
    • Second Flight: Chris Lee First Low Gross
    • Fourth Flight: Cathy Cheung Second Low Grow and Senior Low Net
    Just out of the money was the Scramble Team (Laurie Smith, Maureen Murray, Alex Breitman, Georgianne Stephen) and Wendy Grossman Second Flight.
    Alicia and Chris will be going on to play at Innisbrook Golf Resort in Palm Harbor FL on October 13 & 14. The PGA Tour plays annually at Innisbrook so this should be great venue for the National Championship.

    Congrats to everyone who competed in Regionals. It is always fun to be with the other chapters competing to go on. Wish the best of luck to Alicia and Chris as they go forward to Nationals.

    Looking forward to next year’s competition.

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New Members
Bianca Miller 3/9/2018
Renee Anderson 3/16/18
Debra Durbin 3/29/2018
Kristin Walla 4/6/2018
Sylvia Chu 4/9/2018
Bernadette Kosandiak 4/30/18
Tracy McMillan 5/8/2018
Nicole Walker 6/1/2018
Katharine Baldwin 7/21/2018

1 Year Membership Recognition

Jean Gorman 2/10/2017
Kerrie Romanow 3/1/2017
Angie Un 3/31/2017
Alison Blaus 4/5/2017
Lisa Metrinko 4/5/2017
Debra Miller 5/14/2017
Merry Ayres 5/31/2017

Barbara Robinson 6/30/2017
Stacy Hunter 8/2/2017
Kristin Glenchur 8/31/2017

5 Year Membership Recognition
Alicia Sinclair 2/15/2013

10 Year Membership Recognition
Cathy Cheung 2/04/2008
Mary Ann Greenwood 2/12/2008

15 Year Membership Recognition
Cathy Handzel 2/13/2003
Rieko Sato 3/14/2003

Claiborne Brown 3/18/2003
Susan Davis 8/22/2003

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